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The Student Retail Association is a student organization designed to develop the future leaders of the retail industry. Through community services events, networking trips, and workshops, members are equipped with a well-rounded knowledge of the retail industry.  Members in SRA build connections on campus, in the Madison community, and across the world with the many opportunities offered by the organization.  Students in our organization come from various backgrounds, pursuing degrees in retail, business, or even engineering, but all sharing a passion for retail.


Between general monthly meetings, events where we host various influential leaders in the retail industry, and socials like fundraisers and other events, there are many ways to participate throughout the semester. Click below for our calendar!

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SRA members attend various networking events every year to make connections in the industry. Past SRA members are currently working at countless retail brands across the world. Click below to see where some of them are now!

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We host two trips each year, one to New York and this year, a brand new trip to Minnesota. Our trips are a great way to connect with other members while getting a first-hand look at select brands' offices in these cities. Click below to learn more!

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